Natural resource industries in Canada are facing challenges unlike any other industries on the planet. Competitive forces are placing so much public, and political pressure that operations, and projects, are challenged like never before. The result of that pressure is abnormal polarization, positioning and politicization of resource topics in the public domain. 

Training Courses For Resource Leaders

ResourcEd provides thought leading programs for executive teams, marketing groups, the entire communications crew, operation leaders, stakeholder relations professionals, corporate affairs and board directors. It’s everything they need to know to lead a positive and inspiring shift in public sentiment of resource industries.

Research Insights That Give You Advantage

Public attitudes and expectations for business have changed. What expectations do they hold that could make a favourable or unfavourable decision about you? Discover new research insights for connecting with your audience.

Forget Traditional Advertising; Meet People Where They Are

Speak their language. Make genuine connections. Gain their confidence. Communication is about what they are prepared to hear… not always the same as what you want to tell them!

Providing and Protecting

Natural resource people have a lot to be proud of. Let’s prepare them to speak up. Resource people are society’s real providers and protectors. Learn how this outlook changes the public narrative.

Emotion Often Beats Logic

But our natural resource organizational systems are designed around logic. We walk you through organizational improvements that set up resource people for meaningful lasting connections with the public.

Communicate for Connection

Connect on common ground. People don’t care what you know. They want to know you care. Ensure all your public facing communications, and your organization, are structured for best connection. We provide the examples for you to follow.